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Since our workshops are tailored to meet educational curriculums and we work with several schools across London, Venavi Drums has featured in some OFSTED reports during school terms. Here are some excerpts from OFSTED reports that we have featured in.

"A particular highlight of the inspection week was the visit of an African drummer whose workshops with pupils helped them appreciate a variety of styles of music from different cultures and gain a better understanding of rhythm" (Music paragraph: 127).

L. B. of WALTHAM FOREST OFSTED Inspection: 5th - 8th Nov 2002
Report of Longshaw Primary School Chingford, E4 6LH London Borough of Waltham

"In a few lessons, teachers involve their pupils very well by using a wide range of different teaching methods. This ensures that pupils' interest is maintained and that they concentrate closely on the task in hand. This was seen in a mathematics lesson in Year 5, when the teacher involved the pupils in clapping and snapping a rhythm while they chanted the two times table. This followed on from their African drumming lesson." (Paragraph: 31)
"The provision for spiritual development is good. Collective worship and assemblies play a very important role in developing pupils' spirituality. Music is used to provide a thoughtful atmosphere for assemblies, whilst on other occasions pupils are moved by the music of the African Drums." (Paragraph 45)
"A sound start has been made over the last few months to raise the profile of music within the school. The local education authority's guidelines for teaching the subject have been adopted and the co-ordinator has provided further guidance for teachers. African drumming lessons are provided for year 5 pupils and this has enabled them to reach high standards in their knowledge and understanding of rhythm and in their performance. These dynamic lessons show what can be achieved by the pupils with the right input. The performance by the year 5 group in an assembly during the inspection was greatly appreciated by the rest of the pupils, who gave spontaneous applause at the end of the recital. The group have performed at local festivals and neighbouring schools which gives them a chance to develop their social awareness and self-esteem. These lessons also give pupils good opportunities to link their work with dance; girls and boys are anxious to perform African dances and show a great empathy with the understanding of the music.
" (Paragraph 159).
L. B. of HARINGEY OFSTED Inspection: 24th - 27th February 2003
Report of NOEL PARK PRIMARY SCHOOL, Wood Green N22 6LH.
Example of outstanding practice!
"Lessons in African drumming provide pupils with good role models and examples of a disciplined approach to learning new musical skills.
High expectations of concentration and behaviour set the scene for very good learning throughout the lesson. Pupils fully understand what is expected of them and pay very good attention to the teacher. Learning intentions are very clearly explained and pupils respond very well to the teacher's calm and firm management. The teacher never raises his voice, but his words are measured and chosen carefully so that pupils are in no doubt about his expectations. Instructions are very carefully given and pupils concentrate very well. Their contributions are evaluated thoughtfully and teacher praises them, not only for the standard of their performance, but also for the level of effort and improvement. Pupils behave extremely well and are calm and controlled like the teacher. They are pleased by their own work and feel proud of themselves