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HALF-DAY WEEKLY workshops are mainly curriculum time drumming sessions for 2 to 3 classes in a year group. Venavi Drums will bring along enough drums for all the children/students and their teachers and classroom assistants or helpers. Drumming with Venavi Drums is a hands-on experience for all participants. (Please note that at least a half-term's commitment is required).

WHOLE-DAY ONE-OFF workshops. Venavi Drums will run four one-hour sessions in real African clothes (not costumes). Every participant gets his/her own drum to play during the workshop. Sessions start between 9:15 to 9:30 and ends by 3:15pm.

AFTER SCHOOL AFRICAN DRUMMING CLUBS Venavi Drums provides tuition and enough equipment (drums, bells and rattles) to interested schools and runs after-school clubs which are typically a one-hour session per week. Participants will be able to perform drumming and dancing by the end of a term's work at school fetes, multi-cultural/international evenings and school assemblies.

**** PLEASE NOTE: WAITING LIST EXISTS. ***** VENAVI DRUMS' work in schools involve:

  1. Presenting some aspects of the African culture in the most positive and exciting manner to all participants. E.g. music and dance and clothes made from African fabrics.
  2. Using African music as a vehicle to re-enforce listening skills, coordination, alertness and concentration in class.
  3. Presenting a positive image of the background of African and African Caribbean children.
  4. Creating a healthy environment in which all participants share these exciting aspects of the African culture.
  5. Motivating children during our sessions to bring out hidden talents in music and performing.
  6. Presenting the opportunity to every young person to show their creative ability.

Venavi Drums works in schools and in the community to helps foster racial harmony, social inclusion, builds self-esteem and confidence whilst fostering better racial relations.

HOW VENAVI DRUMS WORKS VENAVI DRUMS takes suitcases of everyday African clothes, and clothes for special occasions (sizes from three year olds to adults) into schools and all workshops. Participants (children, students and their teachers) transform themselves by wearing these clothes before the drumming sessions begin. VENAVI DRUMS brings enough drums for every participant (every child in a class of 30 or more) and the adults who work with the children for spontaneous hands on musical experience. Participants are taken through vigorously exciting sessions of musical activities. Children and adults work with experts in a well disciplined environment making and enjoying music right from the start. Participants learn to play selected rhythmic patterns from an authentic African ensemble and the dance that goes with it. Participants are then encouraged to present their work to an audience in a concert.